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Volume 48 Issue 1

Open Source Software Development and Patent Litigation: From Theoretical Risks to Reality, Catharina Maracke | In the context of the ongoing software patent debate, commentators have stressed the risk for Open Source software development of being targeted with patent . . . BUY ARTICLE NOW

Punting The Private Search Doctrine: How The Good Faith Exception Impedes Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence, Kevin DelRocini | This Note seeks to demonstrate how the good faith exception to the Fourth Amendment’s exclusionary rule slows progress in Fourth . . . BUY NOTE NOW

Password Unprotected: Compelled Disclosure of Cellphone Password and the Foregone Conclusion Exception, Andrew Edmonson | In May and June of 2015, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office investigated a suspected narcotics-trafficking network in Newark, New Jersey . . . BUY NOTE NOW

Volume 47 Issue 2

Data Portability: A Guide and a Roadmap, Sasha Hondagneu-Messner | Data portability is one of the most unprecedented and innovative aspects of Europe’s GDPR and California’s CCPA. Widespread . . . BUY ARTICLE NOW

Decentralizing Creativity: A Tenable Case for Blockchain Adoption in the Entertainment Industry, David Idokogi | Significant advancements in technology have changed entertainment and the way in which people consume it. Music distribution went from tangible products . . . BUY NOTE NOW

When AdBlock Gets Blocked: Why Hindering the Capabilities of Third-Party AdBlockers Should Face Legal Scrutiny, Zaid M. Qasem | The Internet has become more accessible, and rich with information than ever before. Over the years, this growth . . . BUY NOTE NOW