By Frishta Abdul Wali On November 30th 2022, OpenAI showcased a demo of ChatGPT and its capabilities.[1] Within days users were flooding OpenAI’s platform after its launch and popularity on social media platforms.[2] ChatGPT is a program built using large… Read More »ChatGPT: the Legal Assistant?

ChatGPT: the Legal Assistant?

By Zaniya Lewis                    The world of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and blockchains have dramatically changed the security and intellectual property landscape. The world of technology continues to innovate every day, while the law is still trying to catch up on important… Read More »Are NFTs Basketball Cards Securities?

Are NFTs Basketball Cards Securities?

By Suk-Yeon Won                  As COVID-19 infections caused massive shutdowns of traditional in-person court proceedings, many American courts quickly shifted to remote proceedings.[1] At the onset of the pandemic, US courts have conducted “hearings, depositions, arraignments, settlement conferences, and even trials… Read More »Zoom Court: Is it Serving Justice the Way it Should be?

Zoom Court: Is it Serving Justice the Way it Should be?